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Mean Streets Racing

Mean Streets Racing
About Us

Remember watching that chase scene in your favorite movie and thinking…“I would love to be an action hero; scaling walls, scrambling over fences and jumping off of buildings!”


Mean Streets combines the best elements of a traditional 5k race with the thrill with the excitement of an action movie-themed urban obstacle race in YOUR city!

Each Mean Streets obstacle was inspired by urban movie chase scenes. You’ll race through 3 miles of “Mean Streets” encountering over a dozen fun and exciting obstacles such as: Wall Street, Construction Crawl, Backyard Trespassing, and Rat Race. Runners will climb, scale, crawl and run their way to the finish line where you can enjoy knowing you just beat the Mean Streets!

Bring a Partner in Action!
While most Batmans want a Robin, there is no rule against running Mean Streets solo, but most people will tell you that it’s a lot more fun with a friend – or even better, a group of friends. So, grab some friends, get registered & kick some ASPHALT!
Awards are given to top 3 fastest times! There’s also a contest for the best Asphalt Kickin’ Costume!


The Obstacles

Always wondered what it would be like to be in one of those Hollywood chase scenes?  Now’s your chance! Hit the streets and climb, crawl, jump and run through our action movie themed obstacle course that includes Wall Street, Fire Escape, Window Walls, Roof Top Run and more!

During the course you will encounter a number of fun and challenging obstacles.

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How many times have you been delayed by construction?  Well Mean Streets is no different. These obstacles are your first sign that this is no ordinary 5K!



One of the key elements to any good chase scene is climbing: over walls, fences, pretty much anything that gets in the way.

Roof Top Run

From Jackie Chan and James Bond to Jason Bourne and Neo; we have all watched them leap from building to building, scamper up and down fire escapes and dive through windows.  Roof Top Run captures the thrill and excitement of these chase scenes and drops it right in the middle of your city.



Costumes are not required to be a part of this unique race! We understand that no two action heroes are alike–each possesses its own funky flair!
So, whether your asphalt-kicking costume is more Clark Kent than Superman…more Rocky than Rambo…or, more penguin than human…come on out and beat the MEAN STREETS with us!

Upcoming Races


You have questions, we’ve got answers! Maybe you have a really awesome idea or just want to let us know how much fun you had, just fill out this form or shoot us an email with the name and city you are referring to in the subject line and we’ll get back to you.

If you are interested in Volunteering click here.

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